Blogging Archive

Huzzah! After a long time of having a broken theme and struggling with a complicated photo database and gallery plugin that wasn’t updated to the latest versions of WordPress, I gave up. And it’s just as well. I could never get the plugin working properly and things seemed to vanish from the theme without explanation […]

Battles with Software, Round 2

I’m writing this post in the post-flush of victory. This weekend’s project was getting a bunch of family photos online. Putting them in a place where everyone could see them without having to email them to everyone seemed like the best idea.
Since I didn’t want to try resurrecting my atrophied HTML skills to build […]

Why am I blogging?

“You’re blogging?” you ask. “An ugly site with three posts in three months is blogging?”
Fair enough. I’m not exactly blazing up the internet with with mountains of blog posts and a huge readership. In fact I think I’m the only readership. So it’s an even fairer question — why am I doing it at all? […]